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Welcome to visit Medica in Germany at November, 12~15
Welcome to visit Medica in Germany at November, 12~15 Dear Partners,
MEDICA 2014 will be held from November 12th to 15th in Düsseldorf, Germany. Onyx will be exhibiting at hall 15, booth E42.
In this show, we proudly represent you with the latest updates to our signature product lines.
ZEUS Series – Designed to fulfill the highest specification requirements for use in surgical environments such as operating rooms, intensive care units, and emergency rooms, the Zeus Series Smart View Medical Station gives doctors the crystal clear imaging they need when viewing picture archiving and communication (PAC) systems, during endoscopy procedures, or reviewing electronic medical records (EMR). Yet the ZEUS Series also has the flexibility to be used in ambulatory care, telemedicine, and administrative environments.
Venus Series – Onyx’s all-in-one portable medical panel computer that provides 24/7 non-stop service and offers true mobility. It features a dual hot swappable battery system that allows users to replace the batteries without turning the computer off. The batteries are designed for a long running time and short charging time, while the magnesium alloy rear cover provides great strength and heat dissipation and includes mounting slots that will fit any medical cart.
Tablet PC – The Onyx Medical Tablet is especially tailored for hospital nursing applications. With its ultra slim body and state of the art processor, it delivers great performance and is easy to carry. The Medical Tablet has a built-in barcode scanner and RFID to help reduce patient confirmation time and human error. A fully charged device will also last for eight hours, and supports both Android and Windows operating systems.
MedPC Series – MedPC series is our hospital grade Box PC designed to the high requirements of the hospital IT field and for any medical task that a hospital could have. Its fanless design ensures silent operation, and stops infectious disease from spreading. It can be customized from a wide selection of upgrades, and has a five to seven year lifecycle. Best of all, this medical grade computer is certified for use in all medical environments, just like all of our products.
MEDICA 2014 is just a month away and Onyx is ready and excited to reveal our newest product innovations and applications that are bound to empower our partners and ignite new business opportunities.
Should you intend to schedule an appointment with Onyx team members, or need any further information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at MEDICA 2014.
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Onyx Healthcare Inc. joins 2011 Medica show in Germany!
Onyx Healthcare Inc. joins 2011 Medica show in Germany! Dear Customer:

Onyx Healthcare invites you to visit us in 2011 Medica.
The show starts from 16 to 19, November. Booth no. is in Hall15,D43

ONYX will present advanced Healthcare IT solutions for 4 main Medical applications in hospital.

Zone 1: ARM-base, Android and POE Terminal for Hospital Information Kiosk. 18" Bedside Information Terminal with Intel Core 2 Duo cpu for ward.

Zone 2: 19"/21"/24" High-end Fanless Vital Medical Station for patient monitoring.

Zone 3: Med PC is new product line which can be customized to meet different customer requirement for embedded system.

Zone4: Smart Cows Series show abundant interfaces of nursing carts for hospital usages.

welcome to stop by our booth and discuss business opportunity with our sales & PMs. Please send your email to sales@onyx-healthcare.com for schedule meeting time.

Best Regards,

Onyx Healthcare Inc.
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